Finance & Admin


Finance Committee 

Fr. John Beirne
Tony Huebner - Parish accountant
Gino Corsini
Kingsley Mardell
Philomena Martin

Peter Mhandu

Matt Ashmead

Bob Taylor

This committee oversees the finances of the parish. Members are responsible for: keeping an analysed cash book, producing a financial statement and drawing up annual budgets, recording of Gift Aided giving and fundraising.



What will you leave behind??


Leaving something to the Church (St. Joseph's & St. Clare's) in your will is a wonderful way of helping the Parish in the future and it would be put to excellent use. Your family or friends should, of course, come first but once they have been provided for, a gift of a fixed amount or a suitable percentage of your estate can be of tremendous value to the Church. For more information contact Fr. John Beirne.


Fund Raising

Fund Raising Group
Philomena Martin - Chairperson
Kingsley Mardell
Maggy Collins
Elvira Matozza
3-4 Helpers/volunteers wanted

The committee organise events throughout the year, to raise money to reduce the parish debt incurred with the building of the new St Clare’s Church.

200 CLUB
The committee is always looking for members to join the 200 Club.

Contact Philomena Martin if you are interested in joining. This is an ongoing fundraising event to reduce the debt on the church.

How does it work?
A maximum of 200 numbers can be purchased by parishioners who pay an annual subscription of £24 (or 12x £2 payments) for each number.

A draw takes place once a month on a Sunday after the 10.00am Mass in St Joseph’s parish hall.

There are three prizes which are dependant on the total number s held by parishioners.

One half of the monthly income must be paid out as prize money. Therefore once all 200 numbers have been bought then the monthly prize money would amount to £200


Maintenance of Joseph’s and St Clare’s Grounds
Bill Strong,alongwith a small group of parishionersoverseas the care of the grounds at St Clare’s.

Anyone who has time to spare on the last Saturday of each month between 10.00am and 12 noon is invited to turn up at St Clare’s to help maintain the grounds. Work includes, weeding, hedge cutting and shrub pruning. There is no need to contact Bill - just turn up.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 8.00pm at St Joseph’s presbytery when a report is submitted and work required discussed.

Patrick Norris and Jacqueline Russell take care of the grounds at St Joseph’s and would welcome any additional help.

Church Cleaning
St Joseph’s Church and St Clare’s Church both have small dedicated teams who lovingly give of their time to keep our churches clean.

St Joseph’s is cleaned on Monday afternoon 2pm - 4pm

St Clare’s is cleaned on Tuesday mornings.

The teams are always looking for more help, so anyone is welcome to join. ContactAnansieta W Ndegwa for St Joseph’s, Viv Dodd for St Clare’s or Fr John if you can help.

Maintenance of Buildings and Contents
Every 5 years the Diocese, through competent firms, undertakes an inspection of each parish building issuing a report on the condition of the building. This report indicates what work need to be carried out immediately, what needs to be carried out in the medium term and what is long term.

The day to day needs of the building are dealt with through the parish priest and his maintenance committee. Each member of this committee has a certain expertise in the various aspects of buildings.

On matters of health and safety the parish priest again assisted by the maintenance committee undertakes the necessary mandatory inspections receiving the various certifications required.

There are items of expenditure that the parish has to become responsible for. The fundraising committee works hard to raise funds essentially to reduce the debt on the parish but also to meet the immediate needs of the parish ie tables and chairs for social and catechetical purposes.