ALTAR SERVERS - Contact: Fr John (St Joseph’s) Mark Pilcher (St Clare’s)

Altar Servers fulfil a special ministry in serving and assisting during Mass. Both boys and girls who have received the sacraments of First Confession and Communion are welcome to join our group of altar servers. Speak to Fr John and he will organise training sessions.

CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE - Contact: Pat Chesterton

Meetings are the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm at St Clare’s Church. Newcomers welcome.

The C.W.L. was founded in 1906 by Margaret Fletcher. She was the daughter of an Anglican Clergyman but was received into the Catholic Church in 1897. In a period of struggle for better and equal opportunities for women she looked for members who would support the League’s work at local, diocesan, national and international levels.

Today the CWL is an organisation of women who seek to promote Christian values within their families and the community at large. It works alongside many different charities helping where it can, following the example of its Patron St Margaret Clitherow. Some members work within their Parish Churches teaching the faith to young and old, others work with the homeless, the immigrant communities, visiting hospitals and prisons, providing food and clothing to the needy and companionship to the elderly.

The endeavour of all members is to make their voice heard internationally, to promote the advancement of women globally and to protect the interests of women and children, especially in the Developing World. In this way the CWL is affiliated to over 100 women’s organisations in five continents.

CHILDREN’S LITURGY - Contact: Marilyn Evans

The Children's Liturgy group run a special Liturgy of the Word for primary school children at the 10.00am Sunday Mass at St Joseph’s during school terms. All leaders and their assistants have been CRB checked for this very important ministry.


All Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist have to be CRB checked before they can become active in this ministry.

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist give out Holy Communion to parishioners at Mass and also take Holy Communion to the sick and the housebound when directed to do so by the parish priest. The Ministers taking communion to the sick and housebound meet Fr John on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm to report on their home visits.

LEGION OF MARY - Contact: Sue Cherry

Meetings are weekly every Tuesday for prayer and discussion. 7.00pm St. Joseph’s Sacristy

All members of the Legion of Mary have to be CRB checked before they can become active in this ministry.

This is a worldwide lay Catholic organisation, devoted to Our Lady, and its object is the growth of members’ spirituality through prayer and work. The weekly meetings include praying the Rosary, a spiritual reading, a talk and a discussion on various topics. Members go out in pairs to undertake pastoral work in the Parish, mainly supporting the sacramental programmes and offering friendship, support and encouragement to families. All are welcome.

LITURGY & PRAYER FORUM - Contact: Fr John and Maggie Collins

Liturgy and Prayer Forum has been in existence since Fr John Came to Aylesbury in 1999, its purpose being to give all parishioners an opportunity to share on the liturgy and prayer life of the parish. It has traditionally met about 6 times a year, seeking to highlight the liturgical high points of the year, to plan for them and review them.

Any parishioner interested in liturgy and prayer is welcome to come along to these meetings.

MUSIC GROUPS - Contact: Julia Servi (10am Mass) Maggie Collins (11.30am Mass)

At St Joseph’s we have two music groups, one serving the 10am Sunday Mass and the other the 11.30am Mass. New singers and musicians are always welcome, regardless of experience or age, to come along and join. If you are interested please speak to one of the musicians after Mass.

READERS - Contact: Deacon John Sillitoe

At our Sunday masses usually 2 or three readers proclaim the Word of God - a first reading from the Old Testament, and a Psalm, and a second reading from the New Testament. The bidding prayers are also read by one of the readers.

We are always looking to expand our number of readers, so if you would like to become one speak to Deacon John Sillitoe. Training / refreshers sessions are held once a year.

ST VINCENT DE PAUL (SVP) - Contact: Geoff Cox

Meetings are every other Wednesday, 7.00pm in St. Joseph’s parish hall.

All SVP members have to be CRB checked before they can become active in this ministry

Founded in Paris in 1833, members put their faith into action by direct contact and assistance to help those in need and, by so doing, communicate to others through their charitable efforts. They visit the sick, the housebound, do shopping runs and help in the provision of the poor and homeless. New members are very welcome.

YOUTH Contact: Penny Roberts or Claire Ferone

The Youth meet on Friday evenings during school term time from 7.00pm to 8.30pm in St Joseph’s parish hall.

New Leaders are most welcome. All Youth leaders have to be CRB checked before they can become active in this ministry.

The evening is structured. Prayer time is followed by some Fun time and finishes with a time of exploration of issues, both spiritual and secular with Fr John. Outings are also built into the programme to enable the youth to enjoy each other in larger venues.

Our Youth Leaders maintain links with the Diocesan youth events and initiatives, which allow our youth to meet up with youth from other parishes in the diocese.

All teenagers are welcome to join.