St Michaels Secondary School.

How are we doing at St Michaels? Some Highlights.

The first half term (complete with the week’s break) has been and gone in a flash. Our pupils have continued to grow as a community. There were three highlights that, epitomised the way in which all of our pupils have embraced the St Michael’s values. The first was the way in which our pupils showed prospective parents around the school throughout October. So many of our visitors were keen to tell me about the sheer pride that our pupils demonstrated as members of our community and what informative tour guides they were. The second highlight was the way in which we have continued to celebrate achievement in all of its forms throughout our assemblies and in tutor time.

Tutors nominated members of their tutor group to take part in “Tea with the Head”. The venue for this was the new building site where winners dressed in hard hats and boots. They were able to see all of the floors and the layout of the classrooms before enjoying refreshments in the site offices.  We hope to have this special event once every half term so as many pupils as possible can see our new site in its various stages of development. Next week third highlight.