Are you seeking Baptism for your child at St Joseph's or St Clare's?


You will  need to register with the parish if you have not already done so. You will also need to:

1. Meet with Father John Beirne at his Saturday morning surgery, currently at St Clare's, 8:30-9.30am, to arrange a date. You will need to bring with you your Baptism certificate/s. These are required to show that you are a baptised Roman Catholic.

2. Obtain Baptism certificates of parents and godparents.

3. Attend a 3 month baptismal programme, (with godparents if possible) prior to the Baptism.

4. All relevant paperwork i.e. above certificates, pre-Baptism enquiry form, must be returned no later than the second session of preparation to the Catechist.

5. These returned documents are then checked by the Catechist and if complete then the Baptism can go ahead as planned with Father John.

6. There will be no surgeries during the Easter recess; Saturday 28th March and 4th April, resuming on Saturday 11th April at St Clare's at 08:30hrs - 09:15hrs.